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Humane & Safe Pest Control with Integrated Pest Management

Pest Management Programs

Aggressive Pest Control knows that invasive pests can be extremely annoying and mentally taxing. Above all, we understand that you want them gone! Our integrated pest management program will ensure that all pesticides and interventions we use will reduce or minimize risks to human health and the environment. We make sure to always use a safer pest control.

For your particular situation we will take into account all of the available pest control techniques in order to discourage the development of pest populations. For commercial use, you will be provided with an on-site logbook where we will track our biweekly, weekly, or monthly inspections to check equipment and document any service.

Integrated Pest Management Principles

  Acceptable Pest Levels

We aim to control pests, not exterminate them. By determining a healthy level of pest presence, we will implement a more effective solution – one that the pests cannot develop a resistance to.


We will perform regular observation of our implemented solution, as it is critically important to determine efficacy.

  Mechanical controls

If pest levels are determined to be at an unacceptable level, then mechanical methods are the first options. These steps include barriers, traps, vacuuming, and more.

  Biological controls

If mechanical controls fail to achieve an acceptable level, then biology-based or ecological techniques will be implemented as the next step. These practices include biological insecticides derived from natural microorganisms.

  Responsible use

We will use synthetic pesticides only in specific times of pest life cycles, often still derived from natural sources.

Pest Management Programs
Pest Management Programs

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