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Buzz Off! Fly Control Across the Lower Mainland

For overall fly control and prevention, Aggressive Pest Control has all the best pest plans to keep your place of business free from irritating swarms. Dirty and stagnant floor drains aren’t the only place where flies tend to gather, so make sure that all of your bases are covered. Implement an active solution to remove flies from your space and keep them away from sensitive food products. Shoo fly, don’t bother me!

Using unique technology, we can implement high powered UV lights to trap flies, mosquitos, and other winged pests. These non-invasive, chemical-free solutions will draw flies away from your working spaces by using their own sense of navigation against them. Flies and insects use light to find their way through the world, and these extra inviting light traps are designed to trick these insects into their confines.

Fly Control

For your own specific fly control service give us a call today.

We can implement a custom solution for you including traps and preventative measures to keep the flies away from your business.

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