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Commercial Pest Control in Vancouver and the Surrounding Areas

Commercial Pest Control

Just like any house or apartment building, pests don’t discriminate when seeking a new home - whether it is in your businesses, restaurant, office, or any other commercial structure. If it’s an indoor space then it is susceptible to unwanted pest guests of all kinds.

Aggressive Pest Control has the experience and the strategy to implement an integrated pest management system to help reduce the presence of annoying pests in a safe, environmental, efficient, and long-lasting method. Our approach is equally balanced between actively targeting the infestation and addressing the various factors that contribute to inviting different critters into your space. There are many preventative measures we can help you take to ensure that your building is not a haven for unwanted vermin, bugs, birds, and whatever else doesn’t belong!

Restaurant, Bar,
and Commercial Pest Control

The food industry is a favourite for pests of all kinds. Whether you’re dealing with annoying flies buzzing around the garbage, drains, and storage or invasive rodents looking for a free meal, the presence of food has a higher chance of attracting hungry creatures. Our bar and restaurant focussed services address the specific elements of your business that attract undesirable animals unlike any other. We can offer the following strategies for you:


No matter what business or commercial space you run, call us today if you have a pest problem that needs solving. We have the specific knowledge and focussed strategies you help you find some much needed peace of mind!

Commercial Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control

Pest Control Services for Your Business

When you need pest control for your business, restaurant, or industrial space call on the pest preventing professionals today to discuss your needs.

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