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Washing Irritating Flies Down the Drain

Floor drains are an extremely useful part of any restaurant or bar’s food and drink preparation area, and even our homes are often outfitted with the same draining systems. Flushing waste down the drain right where it lies is very convenient, but unfortunately after you have flushed and forgotten, the waste can attract an unsavory presence. A dirty floor drain can build up debris and attract a seemingly endless source of pesky flies.

To prevent flies from infesting and breeding in your drains’ stagnant water, Aggressive Pest Control will thoroughly clean your drains to eliminate any debris. We use an organic foaming solution to flush out your drains and prevent the factors that contribute to them being a fly’s favourite place.

Drain Cleaning

Poorly maintained drains can often clog, leak, or stay stagnant, and this is when you have the potential for a problem. If your drains are giving you infestation issues and could use a cleaning, give us a call for a free estimate!

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